HotWire and Stimulus Tutorials - Bookmarks

Rails 7 brought Hotwire and StimulusJS into the forefront. I have been meaning to spend some time on it and had bookmarked these sites or tutorials. This post is just a collection of bookmarks that I can add more to if I find other things.

Turbo Rails Tutorial

The Turbo Rails Tutorial is one of the first full-length courses that I had found which was longer than a blog post. It helps you learn by building a full-fledged application tracking system. In 11 chapters (actually, 12), it goes from simple CRUD all the way through to state handling, streams, security and other advanced ideas.

Learn Hotwire by Building a Forum

The course Learn Hotwire by Building a Forum used to be a paid course by Andrea Fomera and is now free. Similar to the first link above, it works through a full application – in this case, a simple forum.

StimulusReflex Patterns

StimulusReflex Patterns is a course that just recently went freemium, meaning that the main tutorials are now free of cost with additional options available at a price. According to the page: This course is for Ruby on Rails developers who have tried StimulusReflex and/or CableReady and want to take a deeper look into advanced patterns, tooling, and integration.

A Simple Application for Beginners [added 17 June 2023]

Harrison Broadbent created a post titled Learn Hotwire by building the simplest possible Hotwire and Ruby on Rails app — a beginners guide which is a single page tutorial for creating a simple application that uses some of the features of Hotwire to put up a live frontend for a Ruby on Rails app with just 3 lines of code (and it’s all explained after that).

Progressive Application Development with Hotwire [added 7 July 2023]

I saw this in a Tweet and it’s an interesting and quite detailed post on building a progressive application development with Hotwire

More Links

Check for more links that get added from time to time.

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