Cool Bicycle Park Spotted in Japan

I was in Japan earlier in the month and I spotted this in Tokyo. Of course, from the title, you know that this must be a bicycle park. So, let’s start with a question – how many bicycles do you think there are under there?

The answer might surprise you – there are 144 bicycles under each of these. The picture below shows how the bicycles are arranged underneath.

The rest of the installation is as shown below.

The installation that I saw in Jiyugaoka (Tokyo) has 2 stations – so, that accommodates a total of 288 bicycles in a relatively small area. Seems perfect for dense urban environments.

The technology seems to be from a company called Giken and the details are available on their website – I still think it is quite cool!

It seems such a difference from the way that bicycles are sometimes littered around with the new stationless bike sharing that’s taking off in Singapore in a big way.

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