Getting work done in a Flight

Working on planes in economy is always a hit and miss. But, I had a great experience on a lightly loaded flight from Singapore to Kolkata

I flew on an Air India Express flight (a 737 arranged in a 3 + 3 with a centre aisle configuration) from Singapore to Kolkata. Fortunately, the staff was able to move me to the generously sized emergency row. It was even better that all the three seats were available, so I could spread myself out more comfortably.

The photo below shows the setup that I had:

  • Fully-charged Thinkpad with Windows 10 as my main work laptop
  • Fully-charged Lenovo Yoga Book with Windows 10
  • Netflix app on the Yoga Book with material downloaded for the flight
  • Bose AE2W headphones to keep me plugged in
  • A USB cable to charge my phone from my laptop

One of the many cool things that Windows 10 comes with is the ability to effortlessly cast your screen to another Windows 10 machine. So, for the small part of the work when I needed two monitors, this worked very well. The tablet worked as a smaller but fully functional second screen. This works even without a common WiFi network for connecting these machines to each other – so, it pretty much works anywhere!

So, what’s the problem?

The only problem is that there is no internet connectivity on this plane – so, the only clouds you have are the ones you can see from the window!

It’s rare to get this luxury – but managed to get some work done and this post written! By the way, if you’re travelling for work or leisure, check out six tips on how to set up for travelling to different time zones.

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