Flipboard Magazine for C++ Builder and Delphi

It seems that of late, I have been saving a number of articles related to Embarcadero C++ Builder, Delphi and RAD Studio tools. I’ve been a fan of C++ Builder and Delphi since I first used the tools back in 1998 while working as an intern at Vital Technologies (which became a part of HP and was later spun out to Agilent).

In recent years, the tool development has picked up speed and allows you to build Windows, Windows 64, MacOS, Android and iOS apps out of a single code base in C++ or Delphi. If you’re developing using Delphi, you can also build applications for Linux servers… and I’m sure that’s coming to C++ soon.

Anyway, if you’re interested in following topics related to C++ Builder, just hop on over to the Flipboard magazine where I have been collecting this information: https://flipboard.com/@onghu/c%2B%2B-builder-and-delphi-vsk8nh01y

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