Productivity: love it or hate it, it’s always an ongoing battle and is always in fashion. We all have our own ways of working and doing things… we all find ways to manage the complexities that we need to deal with. Over the past 20+ years of owning computers (and moving from IBM OS/2 to a series of versions of Windows from Windows 3.1 to Windows 10), a number of excellent Palm devices and different phones and other gadgets, I’ve tried to find a system that works for me. As technology has matured and evolved, I’ve tried to find tips and tricks that save me a few seconds or make me better prepared for the things I do.

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In the series of articles and pages around the common theme of productivity, I try to share what works for me. It’s mainly a way to note down the things I do… and then I hope that it helps someone much in the way it helps me. Some things are definitely for the more technical users while others might apply to all.

These range from how I set up my computers and devices to how I set up for travelling to distant time zones. If you find something useful or have a tip that could make things better, please add to the comments.

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