Deleaker - finding leaks in C++ Builder and Delphi projects

Deleaker is an extension that can help C++ Builder and Delphi users to find leaks in their applications. This post provides a very brief introduction to it.

I have been a long term user of Embarcadero C++ Builder, Delphi and RAD Studio tools. I’ve been a fan of C++ Builder and Delphi since I first used the tools back in 1998 while working as an intern at Vital Technologies (which became a part of HP and was later spun out to Agilent). In recent years, the tool development has picked up speed and allows you to build Windows, Windows 64, MacOS, Android and iOS apps out of a single code base in C++ or Delphi. If you’re developing using Delphi, you can also build applications for Linux servers… and I’m sure that’s coming to C++ soon.

As I posted earlier, I maintain a Flipboard magazine for C++ Builder and Delphi and one of the items I recently flipped was about a tool called Deleaker – a tool to find leaks in C++ Builder.

The author of Deleaker, Artem from Softanics, got in touch and asked if I could add a bit more detail about Deleaker to my website to help identify the source of memory leaks in C++ Builder.

I was happy to do so since I know from experience that finding memory leaks is a tedious and difficult task. Artem also informed me that Deleaker also helps detect leaks of handles and GDI leaks. The rest of the write-up here is actually based on material that Artem provided me – I’m posting it here so that it helps someone.

Deleaker was born as an extension for Visual Studio, but now it supports all major IDEs in the market, including C++ Builder. It means that a developer can find leaks literally without leaving C++ Builder at all!

The GIF below shows how Deleaker works.

There is a short 2:23 video tutorial on Youtube (it’s for Delphi, but you get the idea of how it would work in C++ Builder as well).

For more details, you can find step-by-step instructions on how to set up and use Deleaker in C++ Builder to find leaks in your code:

Disclaimer: I have not used Deleaker myself. This article is added to help the C++ Builder community and is not an advertisement for Deleaker. If you find it useful or unhelpful, add to the comments below so that others can be better informed. If I get the chance to work and play with it more, I might add more details myself.

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