TE@Onghu - T-Engine, T-Kernel, uT-Kernel and TRON Information

Way back in time from 2004 – 2010, I spent a lot of time working in embedded real-time operating systems, mainly focusing on the use of µC/OS-II and the Japanese T-Kernel which evolved up from the TRON real-time kernel that was in wide use in embedded systems in Japan. At that time, I was the first person outside Japan to port the T-Kernel to a different CPU – I had ported the kernel in 2004 to the TriCore (a CPU with RISC, microcontroller and DSP instructions in the same CPU core instruction set) from Infineon Technologies.

As time went on, I was quite closely involved with progress on T-Engine/ T-Kernel at the university research centre where I was working. My colleagues worked further on modules for the system including the ability to run graphics (using Cairo Graphics), MicroWindows and even had support for downloading and running new applications.

I had spent quite a bit of time hosting an older website called TE@Onghu which was hosted using RadiantCMS. There were a lot of pages (approx 90+) which are now outdated by about 10 years. Rather than leave them on the older site, I have decided to move them here for reference. A lot of effort went into getting the pages together back then and hopefully, there is still some residual value in the content. If it helps someone, that’s great!

The new link now is TE@Onghu but there are some caveats:

  • The pages are just HTML dumps with no changes right now – this means that functionality available on the rest of the site (tags, comments, etc.) are not integrated and the pages have their own old template
  • Some of the links might not work and some of the pictures might not load

I will take a look through the pages over time and fix issues that I find, or try to migrate them across but don’t hold your breath! If you want to reach out on this, please leave a comment here or connect on Twitter with me.

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