We're having trouble with your reqest - Netflix fails on Windows

Windows 10 has a nifty feature that allows you to use a second Windows 10 computer as a wireless display by casting your screen to it. However, you will likely have problems casting winodws that are running streaming video, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.

I really like that you can cast your Windows 10 computer to another Windows 10 computer and use it as second screen. I have often used it with my laptop (Thinkpad P14s) casting the display to a smaller Windows 10 tablet (the very nice Lenovo YOGA Book) for some time when I am travelling, when my main workspace was not available to me, and a couple of times even on an airplane. Recently, I was using the tablet as the external extended display and was intending to watch Netflix on it. Frustratingly, Netflix kept failing with a “We’re having trouble with your request” and I tried a few different titles all in vain. So, I tried to reconnect and noticed this screen.

Notice that it says: Protected content can’t be viewed on this screen – and that really is it! Netflix (and Amazon Prime, etc.) show protected content and these can’t be displayed on this screen! I moved the Netflix window to my laptop main screen, and voila! it worked fine again.

So, if you encounter this issue, be warned – this could be the cause. I just wish the error was a bit more helpful.

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